Building design is complete!

The library is scheduled to close in late October. During construction, an interim library will operate three blocks south of the library at 1790 Douglas St. NE, the corner of 18th & Douglas.

The interim space will open on in mid-November. The interim space will be a 4,200-square-foot, modular unit.

The new Woodridge Library will open in 2015. (Yay!)

Also, there were questions about design for the rear windows; they will have shades, not louvers.

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One Response to Building design is complete!

  1. Sandra Campbell says:

    Can’t we please have windows on the RIA side of this? Much modern architecture is beautiful, but this design, sadly, is not, at least not as it appears in the nearly windowless street-side facade elevation.

    RIA is already pretty ugly up in Woodridge, guys–new buildings need to enhance the area…not contribute to the blight. I’m sure it will have a nice view of the park and a great interior, but facades are like gateways–they are super important.

    Windowless = prisonlike.

    This is a major architectural step down from the cute old Woodridge library’s facade..

    I really wanted to like this, but it jut looks like a prison with helicopter detailing. The modern Shaw library is great, the old Woodridge library was great. What happened to this? A desire to shield the library’s potential patrons’ views from Rhode Island Avenue?

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