Woodridge Design Images

Here are a few additional images with some minor adjustments.

  • The exit from the meeting room has been moved to the front of the building
  • Two options are being considered for shading on the rear window — louvers or a roller shade
  • Windows on the upper level have been enlarged
  • Window on the side of the building has been enlarged

Please share your comments on these updates.ImageImageImageImageImage

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6 Responses to Woodridge Design Images

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  2. imgoph says:

    The narrow slit windows look like a prison. It reminds me of the old Watha T. Daniel library we just got done tearing down and replacing. Please, please, please consider more glass, more windows!

  3. Cornelius Gaskins says:

    Why was the meeting room exit moved to the front of the building? I like the enlarged windows on the upper level and the back of the building. I like roller a roller shade. Thank you for allowing my feedback and comment. I hope it has serious consideration before making the final decision.

  4. Marion Morris says:

    The large windows facing Langdon Park are south facing. The heat gain in summer will be substantial. I believe louvers would do a better job of controlling heat gain. Would they open and close with the sunlight?
    Is parking for 11 cars still included at rear of site? If so, meeting room entrance/exit might make more sense on south side of bldg. I don’t know many people who walk to this library.
    Signage on RI Ave corner of building: Should announce the library and any special events to be held there. Perhaps an LED sign that blends with the bldg?
    Finally, that roof reading room / community garden needs a re-think. In terms of the elements, sun, rain, snow. And time and effort (volunteer?) to maintain any plantings.

  5. Tom Bridge says:

    Whoa, look at all that opaque concrete. Yikes, who knew that prison chic was in?

  6. Stephanie Rones says:

    I am not impressed. There is no WOW factor here. Perhaps, we need to go back to the drawing board. Not enough parking, windows or meeting space.

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