Get a sneak peek at Monday’s presentation

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Take a look at the presentation planned for Monday’s community meeting at Woodridge Library by clicking on the first slide in the gallery above. (You can also download the full PowerPoint presentation.) On Jan. 7, the architecture team of Bing Thom Architects and Wienceck + Associates will present updates to the new library, and welcome your comments and suggestions.

The architecture team continues to refine the design in preparation for Monday’s meeting, so not all the images you see here will be the same shown at the community gathering.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts, and look forward to seeing you on Monday!

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4 Responses to Get a sneak peek at Monday’s presentation

  1. Jaime Fearer says:

    Slide 14 is my photo. I don’t mind it being used, but my Creative Commons license does require attribution/credit when the image is shared:

  2. dcpubliclibrary says:

    Hi Jaime — We’ve updated the caption for Slide 14 on the gallery, and will let the designers know so they can update the Powerpoint.

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