Help Us Find a Temporary Home

Once the design is finalized and construction starts for our beautiful new Woodridge Library, we will need a place to work and play in the interim.

We are seeking space suggestions for the Woodridge Interim Library. Requirements include:

Space Requirement: 3,500 to 5,000 Usable Square Feet (USF)
Term: 2-year term with month to month option
Delivery: Immediately
Use: The space will serve as the Woodridge Interim Library
Delineated Area: The space is to be located within a one mile radius (area) of the existing building –1801 Hamlin St. N.E., Washington,  DC  20018.
Parking: Some parking is required.

More details are available on the D.C. Department of General Services website.

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

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3 Responses to Help Us Find a Temporary Home

  1. Ben says:

    Why not use a trailer? The have plenty of space for computers, books, and people of all ages. Langdon Park is right behind the site and should provide ample space.

  2. imgoph says:

    There are so many vacant spaces on that stretch of Rhode Island Avenue. Finding one within a few blocks should be no big deal, as long as landlords aren’t greedy.

  3. dcpubliclibrary says:

    @Ben: Modular units are a possible solution. The Library will begin discussion with appropriate agencies about using a portion of Langdon/Chuck Brown Park.

    @imgoph: Please email address and telephone numbers of potential sites to WoodridgeLibraryFeedback [at] dc [dot] gov.

    An official solicitation for space was issued by DGS and we received no proposals. Through DGS, the Library has reached out to several landlords independently who, unfortunately, were not interested to leasing to the District.

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